Tuesday, April 28, 2009

White Dress

I've just applied to lookbook (fingers crossed) and thought I would share my favourite dress with you guys. I look rather displeased in these pictures, but trust me, I like it more than that. Ooh and that's my new that bag I bought from the op shop for $2.50. Love it.

So, to the lookbook scouts (Gimme a break, I don't know what they're called), this is the first look that I would post on your wonderful site, if accepted. You like?

P.S. And that's my new vintage suitcase (bought on the same day as the bag) making a shy appearance behind me. It has lovely purple lining and was actually apparently in the play I went to see for my birthday. I really do need to show you my most recent op shop hoard. I found the cutest old camera for $5. It even had half used film in it! I can't wait to see the forgotten photos of the previous owner.

**Edit: Got the invite. Yesss.**

Twinkle lights or Fairy lights?


Which do you prefer? Either way they make for rather lovely pictures.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Impossible Project

As part two of my little projects installation, I am very, very, very excited to show you The Impossible Project. I'm amazed that I have not heard of this before as I've been hoping and hoping for somthing like this. The impossible project aims to 're-start production of analog integral film for vintage Polaroid cameras in 2010.'

Um, Yay!

The impossible project has aquired Polaroid's old equipment and plans to redesign the integral film pack to be made of fewer and more economic components yet still work in your vintage polaroid camera.

The team behind this project have set themselves a time limit and (at time of publication) their website shows they have seconds left. I sincerely hope they succeed.

Pretty pretty polaroid heart found at ohdeedoh.
'Save polaroid' photograph found here.


I want to watch these movies...

I do hope they all come out in Australia.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

1001 Journals

Image found here.

Hey guys, sorry for the lag in posts lately, I've just finished holidays and am now back at school, which means I have less time to devote to cool stuff. How sad. Luckily, I know of some rather loverly and exciting projects to share with you, so I hope all is forgiven.

I'll start off with my absolute favourite: 1001 Journals.
Now, I've had trouble explaining this to people before, so bear with me. It's not that it's a brilliantly complex idea, it's just that I'm not very good at talking. Sorry.

Anyway, 1001 Journals is a project which aims to connect the world with creativity. (Does that not sound like the most amazing thing already?) It centres around people creating journals, which can contain writing, drawing, painting, collage, photos or basically anything that you can fit on a spread of pages. The journals are split into three categories and scans of spreads are posted to the site. The three categories are: personal journals, location journals and personal journals.

Personal journals are journals that you create yourself and scan then post to the site.
Location Journals stay in one public location (such as a cafe, library or whole city). Anyone can contribute to a location journal as long as they visit the location. I think this would be a great way to document the feel of a specific community.
Lastly, Travelling Journals are my favourite of the three, simply because of their sheer unpredictability. A travelling journals is sent by mail to a list of people from all over the world who have signed up to receive it. These journals can be invite-only, themed or everything and anything, if you'd like.

I love it. 1001 Journals is free to register for everyone, and you can even get some free stuff if you send them a nice letter. The only slight problem would postage to the next person if you contribute to a travelling journal, but that's about it. The 1001 Journals site is also great to just have a look around. You can sift through all of the 3300+ journals looking at all the different contributions. Rather intriguing, I'd say.

If you want, you could also check out my travelling journals that I have started - #3341, #3350 and #3346 though, they haven't much in them because, well, I'm lazy. I haven't even sent one of them yet. Feel free to sign up to one, If you'd like.

Happy journaling and hopefully I will be sharing more projects with you soon.
Wow. That was a long post.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mismatched Thoughts

I've been thinking and I've decided that I don't really like the look of the blog at the moment, particularly the header. It's just not me. Expect a change soon, or possibly in about a year, considering how lazy I am. Do any of you have any ideas, or any feeling/colours/mental images he blog gives you?

Also, in unrelated news, I've decided that I want in on LookBook. And that means I need an invitation. I know you can get code words from various blogs around, but sometimes they're way past expiring and ultimately it would feel like cheating anyway. So, soon shall be a post showing lookbook what I have to offer to the community (maybe with a little pleading).

Tomorrow (Toady, since it's so late) I'm off to see confessions of a shopaholic.
Have fun my dear readers, you are loved.

Image found here.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pretty Word of the Week

This week's pretty word is:

formicate: to have a sensation like the crawling of ants. over the skin.

This 'condition' is related to cocaine and amphetamine use. How wonderful.
Image from here.

Pretty in Pink

I am loving this look by Marie S. on Look Book.
(Sorry for the lengthy gap between posts!)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Modern Galica

This Modern Gallica skirt by Amie Claire at Anthropologie is just too gorgeous. It looks like a big blooming rose.


I am a very lucky blogger to have wonderful readers like you! I currently have over 1000 views and over 10 followers! Wow, thank you so much for your interest and kind support.
Love and Warm Hugs,
Chelsea Ann.

Image from here.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pretty word of the Week

This week's pretty word is:

Pluvial: of or relating to rain.

I actually much prefer the word 'Pluviale' but that means rain coat, which isn't nearly as nice. I chose Pluvial because rain makes me feel like love, always.

Image from here.

You like?



I'm curious to know your opinion on the new header and footer of the blog. I mean, you're the ones who have to look at it. I like the footer and I did like the header but now I'm beginning to dislike it... very much. I really need to find a header that I like and stick to it, I think. The footer was originally an animated slide show but I couldn't get it to upload to blogger, so I left it as is. What's your opinion on them? (Don't hold back!) Please comment, even if you're only stopping by.

Sarah Seven

Okay, I'm pretty sure that by now EVERYONE knows about Sarah Seven, but I couldn't help posting these gorgeous pictures of my favourites.
Sarah also has a loverly blog, here. Enjoy.

Knee High Socks

By the way, knee-high socks are awesome.

(Sorry, I cant remember where to credit.)

'Skine Art

'Skine Art simply 'celebrates Moleskine lovers and their art'. I like this site because of the vast variety of entries; it's kind of like seeing one little snippet of a person's mind and their story and then another and another, all in quick succession. I really love the second entry and I'm not really sure why... I'm odd like that.

Credit: One, two, three, four.

Link to some pages of your own journal, perhaps?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hapy Easter

Happy Easter to all of you wonderful readers. Eat lots and lots of chocolate and think of this pretty greeting card, available here. Love and warm hugs,

Chelsea Ann

Kitsune Noir

The Kitsune Noir wallpaper project used to be a favourite of mine, but then I kind of forgot about it. I've recently re-discovered it with these lovelies from Will Bryant. Enjoy.

Vine Cord

I love the concept behind this vine cord from MicroWorks. No one likes having to hide all those plain black electrical cords; so why not just make your place into a jungle? The designer was inspired by the natural curves of the lead and made a distinct connection with those of a jungle vine. Sadly, however, these are not for sale.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't help but squeal in delight at some parts. Directed by Patrick Hughes; found through Le Love.

(I really hope stuff like this actually happens in real life.)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blanket - The Communication Issue

"Blanket is an online PDF magazine that uncovers art + design + photography from the talented people who create it." - Blanket Magazine website.

I'm not even finished reading the issue yet, but I just had to share this with you. It's a rather loverly magazine and it's free too (not for long though.) I'm actually quite annoyed that I haven't discovered it earlier. I also think it might be Australian, which is way cool and they're aiming to make it into a print magazine in the future - A magazine I'd definitely buy. Download a copy from the website/blog here.

There's one article featured, titled Hotel Bloom, which I thought was pretty cool. Just the other day I was thinking... When I become rich, (Hey, a girl can dream, right?) I would totally buy one of those big residential development areas. You know the ones that always end up with the houses that look exactly the same, meaning that a) it's boring to look at and b) you ALWAYS get lost. I would buy one of those, and get an artist to each aid in the architectural design process of one house and then once it had been built, go wild and decorate however they wished. Then I could auction the houses off. Not only would it look awesome, but you would get a whole community of people with roughly similar interests. It would be brilliant! I must admit it did pain me a tiny bit after reading the article to find that my idea is not, in fact, completely original; but that's okay! It's still awesome that someone out there is actually doing it.

Well, that's it for now, I'll finish by asking all of you readers to comment below and tell me,

What tremendously creative thing would you do if you were rich?

And if I don't do an Easter post, then HAPPY EASTER WEEKEND to you all! Love and warm hugs.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pretty Word of the Week

I'm starting a little segment called 'Pretty Word of the Week' as I have a love of pretty and unusual words. The first pretty word of the week is:

Apricity: The warmth of the sun in winter.

Image found here.

Delicious Pom-Poms

Pom-poms from Martha Stuart

Gorgeous room on Craftynest.

Something about these pom-poms prompted me to describe them as delicious; it is fitting, no?
I'm definitely making some of these in pretty blues and greens to hang in my room. Instructions are available here from Martha Stewart and the pretty little girls room is one which was shared on Craftynest. Found via Design Sponge.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Chasing Feathers

Pretty peacock colours and motifs.

Exciting stuff

At the moment I'm tremendously excited, but not for any particular reason at all. I'm sure it's a swirling combination of knowing that most all of my exams are done, receiving this loverly Kreative Blogger award from Trishiekoh and the fact that I'm going to The Battle of the Bands tonight to see my friend C play. Great stuff. Wishing everyone a loverly weekend; Have fun! (: