Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hello Old Friends

So, I recently remembered my long-lost little blog, and I propose we have a catch up!
Over tea, preferably.


Well, Really quite a lot has happened since we last spoke.
Here's a point-form summary:
  • Finished my last year of school
  • Was invited to interview for med school
  • Cried of excitement
  • I got accepted into Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery course
  • Died of excitement
  • Studied a lot
  • I got an iPhone (MAJOR MILESTONE!)
  • Went to a ball

And more recently...
  • I went to see my boyfriend's band play at a magazine launch (just last night)

They are actually SO GOOD!
(no bias whatsoever, hahah)

So lots of exciting things have been happening recently. What I haven't done a lot of though, is make things. And I feel that that's just a little bit sad.

Aww :(

BUT! I plan to make a beautiful present for my friend. Here are the beginnings...

So hopefully I will have much more to update you on soon.
What have I missed since I last logged in? What have you guys been doing and making and creating? (I actually do want to know! - Link me in a comment or something.)