Sunday, April 12, 2009

You like?



I'm curious to know your opinion on the new header and footer of the blog. I mean, you're the ones who have to look at it. I like the footer and I did like the header but now I'm beginning to dislike it... very much. I really need to find a header that I like and stick to it, I think. The footer was originally an animated slide show but I couldn't get it to upload to blogger, so I left it as is. What's your opinion on them? (Don't hold back!) Please comment, even if you're only stopping by.


  1. i love the header, seriosly. It's clean and cool.
    About the footer, i like it too but i think that the images don't match. I don't know, i feel that. It's my opinion and i hope u don't be mad about it ok? :) Maybe u can choose some pictures that really show a little about you!

  2. Carol:
    I couldn't find a way to contact you back so I hope you find this here. Thanks for sharing your opinion, I appreciate it. Good point about the footer, I'd never really thought about it matching (and I claim to like design; tut-tut.) just because it was meant to be random images from the blog in a slideshow (but that didnt work out) If you don't get what I mean, have a look at this:

    But yeah, I'll probably tweak it and change it soon. Thanks again, and no, I'm not mad about it, haha :)

  3. yey!
    I´m so glad that u understand what i mean!
    and by the way, you can contact me by the blog!
    you could write me there cause i read every little word people say.
    Thanks and i hope we can share lots of informations!
    xoxo from brazil :)

  4. your blog is beautiful! :)