Saturday, April 25, 2009

1001 Journals

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Hey guys, sorry for the lag in posts lately, I've just finished holidays and am now back at school, which means I have less time to devote to cool stuff. How sad. Luckily, I know of some rather loverly and exciting projects to share with you, so I hope all is forgiven.

I'll start off with my absolute favourite: 1001 Journals.
Now, I've had trouble explaining this to people before, so bear with me. It's not that it's a brilliantly complex idea, it's just that I'm not very good at talking. Sorry.

Anyway, 1001 Journals is a project which aims to connect the world with creativity. (Does that not sound like the most amazing thing already?) It centres around people creating journals, which can contain writing, drawing, painting, collage, photos or basically anything that you can fit on a spread of pages. The journals are split into three categories and scans of spreads are posted to the site. The three categories are: personal journals, location journals and personal journals.

Personal journals are journals that you create yourself and scan then post to the site.
Location Journals stay in one public location (such as a cafe, library or whole city). Anyone can contribute to a location journal as long as they visit the location. I think this would be a great way to document the feel of a specific community.
Lastly, Travelling Journals are my favourite of the three, simply because of their sheer unpredictability. A travelling journals is sent by mail to a list of people from all over the world who have signed up to receive it. These journals can be invite-only, themed or everything and anything, if you'd like.

I love it. 1001 Journals is free to register for everyone, and you can even get some free stuff if you send them a nice letter. The only slight problem would postage to the next person if you contribute to a travelling journal, but that's about it. The 1001 Journals site is also great to just have a look around. You can sift through all of the 3300+ journals looking at all the different contributions. Rather intriguing, I'd say.

If you want, you could also check out my travelling journals that I have started - #3341, #3350 and #3346 though, they haven't much in them because, well, I'm lazy. I haven't even sent one of them yet. Feel free to sign up to one, If you'd like.

Happy journaling and hopefully I will be sharing more projects with you soon.
Wow. That was a long post.

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