Sunday, April 12, 2009

'Skine Art

'Skine Art simply 'celebrates Moleskine lovers and their art'. I like this site because of the vast variety of entries; it's kind of like seeing one little snippet of a person's mind and their story and then another and another, all in quick succession. I really love the second entry and I'm not really sure why... I'm odd like that.

Credit: One, two, three, four.

Link to some pages of your own journal, perhaps?


  1. very interesting! i checked out that site and there are some really talented & clever folks out there! my favorite is the 2nd on you have here too, it cracks me up!

    hey thanks for stopping by HippieFrouFrou and leaving such nice comments! have a Happy Easter//

    jess S//hippiefroufrou

  2. the site is really cool. i love the draws!