Tuesday, April 28, 2009

White Dress

I've just applied to lookbook (fingers crossed) and thought I would share my favourite dress with you guys. I look rather displeased in these pictures, but trust me, I like it more than that. Ooh and that's my new that bag I bought from the op shop for $2.50. Love it.

So, to the lookbook scouts (Gimme a break, I don't know what they're called), this is the first look that I would post on your wonderful site, if accepted. You like?

P.S. And that's my new vintage suitcase (bought on the same day as the bag) making a shy appearance behind me. It has lovely purple lining and was actually apparently in the play I went to see for my birthday. I really do need to show you my most recent op shop hoard. I found the cutest old camera for $5. It even had half used film in it! I can't wait to see the forgotten photos of the previous owner.

**Edit: Got the invite. Yesss.**


  1. as in, it was in TBFO?
    on the bed when lisa maneli was moving, and when peter was going to surfers paradise.

    and the camera film is a little creepy
    but i would probs do the same

    sincerely, T

  2. Yeah, The guy who sold it to me awkwardly asked me if I'd gone to see The Boy From Oz and I stammered for a minute trying to figure out why a total stranger was asking me what plays I had seen lately before answering yes. He went on to say something about when Peter Allen was leaving home, he used it or something.

    Overall it was an odd experience.

    And the camera thing is so not creepy, it's exciting and intriguing (though my mother predicts there will be a murder or something on it, then we will have a movie made about us, haha)

  3. Oh good luck, I have been thinking of applying to look book but do I really have the time? xx

  4. I really like it! Amazing combination! and the dream word is perfect in the scene!
    Hope the lookbook gives u an answer soon.