Sunday, July 18, 2010

School, a visit from.

Ahh, school. You've come back for a visit, have you? How lovely of you. Did you miss me? I sure missed all the new knowledge. I didn't miss the assignments though. You don't have to bring them again if you don't want to. Oh, what's that, you brought over a fresh plate that you just cooked up? Oh wow... you shouldn't have. Really. that's so er, generous of you.
So you say two of my teachers have left, and you have NO replacements? Oh my! Whatever shall we do? Nothing? Okay. I didn't really need to pass biology and chemistry. After all, I'd just like to be a neuroscientist. No biggie.
But you say you have new exchange students? That's pretty cool. They sound nice. They're coming for lunch next week? Lovely.
So yeah, school, what else have you been up to? Oh, fine, er. I'll just do this assignment. Thanks again for stopping by. Wait, you want to stay for 10 weeks..? oh... kay.

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