Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hello Polyvore

I'm getting so much traffic from a little mention in this tutorial on Polyvore, so I thought I'd greet you all.
Hello! My name is Chelsea. I live in Australia. Tonight I went to a local gig. Tomorrow I will paint a few pairs of space shoes and hang out with my boyfriend. I like pictures, brains, travel, nebulae, handmade things, Zelda, stories, art journals, rain, smiles, Margo Roth Spiegelman, Biology, English accents, Doctor Who, songs, masquerade masks, long hair and surprises.

Tell me something about yourself? Pretty please?


  1. Ahhh!! I love Doctor Who too... Fezzes are cool. :P (I hope u get the joke coz otherwise i will feel like an idiot haha) :D Hehe yes i found ur site thru Polyvore... ^_^

    Something about me... hmmm.. I think this cake is reallllyyy cool! also um.. i love making stuff but i dont have the money or the shops to buy the stuff (i live in a small town :P)....OOH OOHH i like chocolate and i like flowers.. ^_^ :P

    Im turning 16 this year and i am thinking about as a group me and my guests make ourselves a mask each.. i love masks (like in a cinderella stoy even tho it was plain it was cool.. and this mask here (searches thru polyvore items to find the picture with face scrunched up and eye glued to screen looking like a crazy person)

    xx Becca