Saturday, January 30, 2010

More space, more shoes.

I've been busy busy making more shoes and, most importantly, I got a stamp! Haha, I love it, it says my name and everything! But apart from my excitement over the new stamp, I've been trying to work out a few things with this little 'business'. It feels so odd to call it that. I'd really like to set up an etsy account but as I don't have a credit card I'm still working out the logistics. If you're really set on a pair, stay tuned to see what happens with that, or email me and maybe we can work something out privately. Thanks so much for the lovely comments and all the interest and support from my friends and family. (I'm painting up some pairs for my little cousins, how cute will that be?)


  1. holy orion nebula! i would pay soooooooo much for these! they're hotter than the sun :)

  2. where can i get some?

  3. i NEED THESE, where do we get some?